Welcome to Mid Sweden Chamber of Commerce!

Mid Sweden Chamber of Commerce is a non-political and independent private organization. The Chamber serves the entire spectrum of trade and industry in the two counties of Västernorrland and Jämtland, from the smallest to the largest companies in all sectors.
-.–The Chamber assists companies having problems or questions regarding communications, education, energy, export, import, custom duties, taxes, or tourism, etc. Matters related to wages and salaries are handled by other organizations. The Chamber of Commerce monitors county and municipal planning in areas of significance to the business sector. This takes the form of lobbying and submitting opinions on policy matters.

Regional Organization

Mid Sweden Chamber of Commerce is a regional organization for the business sector in the two counties of Västernorrland and Jämtland. The Chamber’s head office is located in Sundsvall and regional offices are located in Östersund and Örnsköldsvik.
-.–There are eleven other Chambers of Commerce in Sweden with offices at thirty-five different locations. Each Chamber of Commerce is an entirely independent and self-governing organization.

The Mid Sweden Region

The Mid Sweden Region consists of the two counties of Västernorrland and Jämtland. About 360,000 people populate the two counties. Northern Sweden’s history began as the inland ice slowly began to recede. At that time, traders and hunters settled in the region. A great population growth was experienced during the Middle Age. It was also around this time that the first cities were built. During the 1900′s the network of roads and railways started to grow and the infrastructure took shape. During the same century, the wood and mining industries were established. Today, the Norrland region contributes to 85% of Sweden’s waterpower. Other strong industries in the region are forestry and iron ore. Much thanks to its location by the Gulf of Bothnia the region’s corporations have 7 other countries in close proximity to international trade.

Global Network

All Chambers of Commerce in Sweden are affiliated with the International Chamber of Commerce, the ICC which has its head office in Paris, and Eurochambers in Brussels.  The aims of the ICC are to promote free trade, free competition and a market economy, and to harmonize and simplify trade regulations. The ICC has a consultative status in the United Nations and thus pleads the cause of global trade and industry in that organization.

Trade and Industry Policy

The Chamber of Commerce is the spokesperson for businesses on matters concerning trade and industry policy. It also deals with opinion-building activities such as conferences, seminars and lobbying, as well as formal consultation on current issues.
-.–The Chamber of Commerce voices opinions from companies in the counties of Västernorrland and Jämtland on issues concerning communications and infrastructure. Air, rail and road links are frequently recurring themes at the Chamber’s meetings.
-.–Research and development is important to the future of the region and the Chamber is participating in the development of higher education through the college, Mid Sweden University.
-.–Mid Sweden Chamber of Commerce and Industry also plays an active role in the development of existing businesses and encourages healthy new business enterprises.

International Trade

The Chamber of Commerce has a valuable worldwide network of contacts. This stems partly from its natural affiliation with other Chambers of Commerce in Sweden and abroad and partly from cooperation agreements with organizations whose services and expertiseare of interest to member companies.
-.–Advice and information on EU matters are an important part of the Chamber’s work. This includes structuring and distributing information from authorities, EU sources and industrial organizations.
-.–The Chamber also participates in a number of educational and training activities for companies, organizations  and schools.

Our Location

Head office Sundsvall

Storgatan 23
SE-852 30 Sundsvall
Phone: +46(0)60-17 18 80,

Oliver Dogo, President
Phone: +46(0)60-17 18 85
Mobile: +46(0)70-318 69 11